Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm baaaack

So more than a year has passed since my last blog post.  I'm going to make this quick.
I did quite well for myself and managed to go down to 141lbs without even realizing it because healthy eating became more of a habit than anything.  I managed to keep my chip addiction at bay as well.  Now, you're probably wondering when the but is coming in and if it is coming in.  Here it is.  I moved (excuse I know) and my eating habits completely changed (odd because I was cooking for myself before and still am...when I actually cook - hence the problem).  I think the whole few months in the summer when I managed to maintain most of the weight I lost even as I was wolfing everything in site down didn't help.  I guess you walk more, sweat more and all that jazz in the summer, which makes sense, whereas in the winter, as I like to say, you get that extra layer of "much needed fat".  So now I have noticed where before my jeans were fall off me and I needed a belt to wear them and they were falling off so much that they no longer looked good on me because I couldn't fill them I more than fill them out again.  So here I am, back to blogging because I guess I do need this.  Maybe it helped keep me honest, accountable and on track even if I am the only one reading my run on sentences.  So here I am, like an alcoholic, but a chip-aholic, stating that I'm a chip/junkfoodaholic and although today is day three without chips, tomorrow will have to be day one without eating junk food or at least doing so in moderation so that I can wean myself off of it.  I really wish Crispy minis still sold the cheddar flavour at walmart.  Those 90 calorie packs really helped me with my chip addiction.  I'll have to find something else.
Tomorrow morning will be the scary weigh in.  Should be interesting considering I ate a breakfast sandwich, hash brown, 1/4 orange juice, french toast bagel with light cream cheese, a chocolate bar, two cans of pop and three and a half slices of pizza with garlic dipping sauce.  WOW!!! No wonder my blood pressure was higher than it has been in ages.  Still supposedly healthy, but based on how I normally have been it isn't its best.

I am going to try me some Jillian Michaels tomorrow to motivate me to do this all over again.  Sweet dreams blogland!

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